5K Before Recovery

I made it.
I did my group 5K tonight in 90 degree weather and insane humidity.  We were sweating before we even started, and my legs were feeling pretty beat from the weekend.  I know that 12 miles over a two day period wouldn’t be a lot to many people, but my body just isn’t there yet.  I’m happy to report that many of the aches and pains I was feeling yesterday are gone today, my legs just feel a little stiff – probably from sitting for 8 hours straight today. Today, I ran a very moderate 27:30ish which is nothing to write home about but I really wasn’t feeling it tonight.  Sure, I could have gone a little bit faster, but sometimes my feet just don’t listen.  I just wanted to get it over with so I could start on my recovery and give my right calf some time off.  When we got back to the car we saw a meter maid walking away: $30 ticket to the City of Somerville because my meter ran out by 5 minutes.  5 whole minutes!  Oh, that makes me so mad.  It’s the first parking ticket I’ve gotten in over a a year.  

I came home to a Really delicious meal.  My husband cooked up sweet Italian sausage, tomato, spinach, onion, and garlic in some beef broth.  We added some cooked baby shells into the soup and sprinkled the top with cheddar cheese.  You’d think that eating soup on a really hot and humid day would be the stupidest idea ever, but it was so good that I didn’t mind sweating through it.  It was one of those meals that wraps around you like a light yellow security blanket that you had till you were 16 before shamefully getting rid of only to be replaced by a stuffed animal.  I’m bringing leftovers for lunch tomorrow and I’m really excited about it because my lunches have been really sucking lately.  I finished the evening off with a piece of chocolate covered bacon and a ton of water.

Rest, Hydrate, Repeat.

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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