Sweet Misery with a side of bacon

Saturday I had a long run of only 8 miles, it was Ok, I mean I really should be hitting 10 consistently in my mind.  Next week is 12 though so I had this thought way too late.  The miles just keep piling on, and the naps afterward just keep getting longer.  Today’s run went Ok, it was hot per usual, and I felt some pain in my right calf but ignored it.  I’m getting in the right distance for my training but my pace is still lacking.  I’m hoping that these shorter and faster runs that I do with my team will start to benefit my weekend runs on the sooner side. My post run meal with banana “fro yo”: 2 frozen bananas, almond butter and strawberry jam on the side.  It was unbearably delicious, I immediately went out and bought a ton more bananas so I can always have this on the ready.

85 degrees
Distance: 8.4 miles
Felt: Ok, could have used more sleep
Craved: a veggie burger from Houstons

Sunday, I had a 4.13 mile race: The Summer Steamer.
It was Really hot out, by the time that we started at 10am it was almost 90 degrees.  This was a small road race, small enough so that there was very minmal traffic control and the highest number I saw was 175…I was actually 6.  In a big race this might mean I’m awesome and someone to be intimidated by, but in this case it only means that I signed up super fast like an idiot.  Running a race the day after a long run is never a good idea, but I thought that I’d be ok.  That feeling wasn’t based on anything and in fact I felt terrible the entire time.  I was hot, I felt slow and sluggish, I felt that pain in my right calf again, and nothing I did made it suck any less.  I found a group of people that I usually trail right behind on Thursdays, but instead of constantly being on their tails, I let them go ahead.  I just didn’t have it in me today to fight the good fight.  All I wanted to do was finish so I could stand in the shade and chug Gatorade.  I saw the clock at the end and thought “What the Shit!!” that’s how bad it was.  

Lesson learned: don’t run a race the day after a long run.  No more races for the rest of the summer so I can concentrate on my long runs instead of feeling unnecessary aches and pains on my recovery day.  I could just list off a bunch of things that didn’t feel quite right, but my hopes are that they will just magically disappear tomorrow during my 5K group run…Tuesday will be my off day if I can get there.

90 degrees
Distance: 4.13 miles
Felt: Super slow
Craved: a swimming pool

I came home from my race to find my husband in the kitchen making chocolate covered bacon.  That’s applewood smoked bacon dipped into organic semi-sweet melted chocolate sitting on some parchment paper.

It’s really good, really bad, and really good at the same time.  Sweet and savory, a recipe for mass consumption.  We’re having dinner with my parents tonight at our friend’s restaurant.  I love his food, but if he tries to serve me pig ears again tonight, I will flat our refuse to eat them.  I’m in too much physical pain to have to deal with things that should not be eaten.

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