A great 5K followed by a couple Rants

5K group run with the team – many moderate hills, but no Mother of a hill like on the Thursday night 4.1 mile group run.  You have no idea what a relief that was!  My Garmin was slow to get a signal so I didn’t start my time until a couple minutes into the start – annoying.  That’s my only complaint about the Garmin I use, sometimes it just takes forever to link up with the satellite.  Anyways, the run was really good, I did pretty well still in the middle chasing the fast people while the more moderate in speed people chased me.  We ended at this God Forsaken craphole of a bar where they served up beef stew to the runners…we were like: it’s 80 degrees outside, we’re sweaty and hot, and that beef stew stench is making us want to vomit.  We pretty much ran the F out there after grabbing our water.  So that’s something to look forward to next Monday, at least I’ll be ready for it and it won’t be so nauseating. 
Mondays are technically my day off, but a 5K never hurt anyone and it was good to try a new course.  I’m not sure I learned that much though, I was desperately trying to keep up and I wasn’t really paying any attention to my surroundings like I should have. – which is funny, because that’s also how I drive.
Tuesday has turned into one of those days…
I know that people who aren’t runners shouldn’t be expected to know running jargon, just as I am not a cyclist so I wouldn’t know the first thing about cycling.  I mean I still don’t really know what a fartlek is… However, if another person asks me how long the marathon I’m training is for, I’m seriously going to punch them in the face.  This is basic Effing knowledge and I live in a city where the Marathon is an actual Holiday, yes a Holiday where people watch runners instead of going to work – Marathon Monday.  Yeah my parents didn’t know, many of my friends didn’t know, and a co-worker at the ripe age of 23 didn’t know.  It really makes me lose my mind.  I’m really not on board with the whole idea that because I’m a new runner that I should help to educate the general public and be patient with people, I mean they had no interest before and they’re not going to have any interest when I’m done explaining that a marathon does not in fact have many different distances.  Ok I know, that rant was really obnoxious, but I just had to let it out.
This might be another really obnoxious observation but I really hate running in shorts.  I like to wear those spandex capri-ish pants that both suck it all in kind of like Spanx and let me run without any jiggle in my thighs.  Is that too much information?  I was noticing at my running group that almost all the girls wear shorts, so today I tried it out very briefly… and it did not go well.  They rode up and chaffed at the same time.  I’m pretty sure that I have thighs that are better for ass kicking and not so good for looking slender in a pair of microshorts.  The day I’m confident enough to wear shorts and run during daylight hours is probably the day that I’m running in the lead pack and not struggling in the middle.  I’ll let you all know when one or the other happens, it will be a victory day no matter which comes first.   

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2 Responses to A great 5K followed by a couple Rants

  1. sarah says:

    Have you tried the bikerish compression shorts? They don't have to be bun huggers. And they will not give you heat stroke like capris. They might help with your marathon. How long is that again?

  2. laura* says:

    Oh hilarious haha – Punch!

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