I wish I did not drink that

Yesterday, we drove over to party about 2 miles from our place during a torrential downpour.  There were flash floods and deserted cars in the middle of giant puddles, which you know isn’t normal.  We were faced with the: “that puddle is huge, do you think we can make it?” debate a couple times, and both times we took the safe route.  However, since we saw a Prius make it through, I’m sure our car could have made it, but nobody wants to be that idiot with a seized engine in the middle of a 3 foot puddle needing assistance getting out…although I am an excellent swimmer and we kind of hate our car.

The party was worth getting to because it was Dave’s 31st birthday party and Dave is a chef so the food was obviously the best BBQ food ever: marinated steak tips, Cajun style shrimp, burgers straight from the farm, gourmet potato salad, Asian style cole slaw, corn drizzled with chipotle honey butter, gazpacho, oysters, spicy pickles, and bluefish pate.  I really wish I had a photo of me eating all that food, but you’re just going to have to imagine a very satisfied expression on my face.  The only place he went wrong was mixing me up an michelada. Wtf is a michelada?  Everyone seems to make it a little differently, but it’s a beer cocktail with sauces in it.  First he mega-salted the rim with kosher salt and then used a whole can of Teacate beer, a teaspoon of Tabasco, juice of a piece of lime, and voila…spice to the face.

The first few sips were really good, everything after that was really bad.  My lips were on fire.  I do not suggest this drink, it actually ended my drinking pretty quickly however it did not end everyone else’s drinking because they aren’t wimps like me.

The Hostess.  Yes, the mustache is always there.

Bro Love.  They look so happy.

The party opened my eyes up to two items: 1. our place is decorated like shit, and 2. Raman can be put into cole slaw as long as you call it Asian-style.

We love to eat.  We do not love micheladas.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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