Newport and the crabs

I had a nice little 4th of July weekend that consisted of sweating my ass off like the rest of the northeast.  I also seem to have a jerk of a stomach bug that refuses to be tamed.  We spent Monday night in Newport, RI dreaming about the day that we’ll own a mansion overlooking the ocean (we won’t) and the day we can Christen our first yacht (this will never happen).  Newport is a place where you learn your economic place in society pretty quickly while also finding your dream million dollar house.

We had the most fantastic dinner at The Mooring restaurant where you could dress however you felt like dressing that day and still get a meal that will knock your socks off.  I understand some places like the men to wear jackets and the women to wear things that sparkle, but on a holiday weekend when it’s 100+ degrees outside and the beach is the only thing on my mind, I’m not going to squeeze myself into a sausage casing of a dress just for a vacation worthy dinner.  If you like clam chowder then you need to drop by this place just for a bowl!  The waitstaff is very friendly and they don’t rush you in and out even on a crazy busy holiday weekend night.  My only complaint about it was that it served Maine lobsters.  I didn’t drive to Rhode Island so I could have a Maine lobster… so I got scallops instead.   Otherwise, this place was perfect, I’d love to go back again!  We were treated to a gorgeous sunset, which can’t exactly be replicated but it really added to the evening.

The next morning, we packed up the car and headed to the beach.  Normally, we go to First beach in Newport but this time we headed to Gooseberry beach where there were less people… but not less sun.  Who goes to the beach when it’s 100 degrees outside?  We do, without an umbrella no less.  It was way too hot to lay out on the beach without being in the water constantly, and I would have been in the beach constantly if the hermit crabs would have stopped pinching my feet or the seaweed would have gotten control of itself.  I used to be a beach person, but I’ve never been a sea creature person.  Honest to God, I saw a 6 inch crab in water only 2 feet deep and I almost lost my shit.  This thing was running back and forth with little kids only 3 feet away and me only 3 feet away.  That was basically the moment that I said: let’s go home.  We left the beach after 3.5 hours of sun torture and crab attacks.  Next time we’ll be more prepared with an umbrella and a cooler, this was my first time at the beach in New England in like 2 years… I forgot what it was like!  

So Monday I ran a quick 2 miler to stretch out my legs before we had to pack and head out to RI (there was no time for this run, it made my morning so much more rushed), Tuesday I ran 3 miles once the sun went down but still in 85 degree weather which was my sweatiest run yet, and today I’m skipping my planned run because I don’t think my stomach is going to cooperate and that’s like my biggest fear.  The Gomers call it Code Brown.  I’ll call it: Not worth it.  On Saturday, right after I hit publish about my 10 mile run things went downhill in epic proportions.  I’ve been sick on and off and I don’t know what to blame but it’s probably just a mystery bug that refuses to leave me alone.  I’m really looking forward to my 4.1 mile run tomorrow night with my club so I better be feeling good by then!  

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One Response to Newport and the crabs

  1. natasha says:

    I have these big dreams too ugh. I mean Abe and I are going half and half on a private jet still, right?

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