Thursday Sprint

Today I joined the running club’s group run, which is usually 4.1 miles but because the city of Somerville decided to have fireworks tonight and block off an entire stretch of major road the usual course changed.  They didn’t know how long it was and I forgot to turn on my Garmin!  The route was definitely 2.something, like a little over 2 miles, so tonight was a group sprint to the finish.  Don’t let the short distance fool you, this sucked!  I thought these people ran 4 miles fast…well they run 2 miles a lot faster of course.  Luckily, this time more people at a medium pace showed up so getting lost wasn’t a real fear.  For the first time in a long time I was having asthma issues.  My breathing was labored, my lungs were burning, and I was coughing a great deal…I’m still coughing hours later.  My asthma symptoms only pop up a handful of times a year, and I never have a full blown attack, just an inconvenient visit.  I’ll have to pay more attention to my body before heading out on runs, there must be something in the air right now since my asthma is only allergy induced.   

My friend that joins the group with me did a lot better this week, and we even socialized a little before heading home through major detours.  I have a feeling that doing treadmill intervals the day before a hard run was a bad idea, I’ll have to switch the day for those.  Either way, the weather was perfect and I’m glad that I got in a social run on a beautiful day. 

I’m so happy tomorrow is Friday! 

68 and awesome
Distance: Running club – unknown amount, but it took 17 minutes.
Felt: horrible.  wheezing, coughing, dead muscles.
Craved: cheese

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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