Summer, summer camps, and undiscovered talents

The hot weather in June and seeing school aged kids walking down the street reminds me of summer camps and how I never went to one.  Things I may have missed out on:

  • Learning how to canoe awkwardly
  • Jumping off a raft in the middle of a lake
  • Junior survival techniques
  • How to flirt with boys
  • Serious arts and crafts
  • Being Ok with sleeping in a cabin with 10 other girls

I was too busy with swimming lessons, tennis lessons that never paid off because I suck, basketball camp, softball tournaments, and life guarding.  One summer I even went to once a week track meets at MIT to run the 400 and it probably took me 2 minutes to even get around the track while my mother stood there being like: ok, are you done? Can we go?  In all fairness it was always really hot, and I was much better at all my other activities.  Kicking ass and taking names is not an activity I mastered until a little later in life, and I’m trying to get that awesome place in society back.  Anyways, the whole point of this is that I’m pretty sure summer camps are where people learn their talents.  I’m talking about the kind of talents you can take to a talent show or… America’s Got Talent.  I can’t stand summer TV, but it really just sucks you in.  It’s made me realize season after season that I have no marketable talent!  Many of the people who appear on the show are also in my same boat, but a good 1/4 have a really entertaining talent and I need one of those.  If only I had gone to sleep away summer camp as a kid, I might have discovered something that would knock your socks off.

Today was not the day that I discovered any talents, but I did run after work, and to me running at my level is not so much a talent as just an activity or another sport to add to my list.  My schedule had 3 miles slated for today.  I ran hard and fast for my first mile and then of course was really hurting towards the end.  I never seem to save enough in the tank, especially on a day where I forgot to eat my afternoon snack!  Tomorrow, I hope to get to the gym to do some treadmill intervals to hide from the oppressive heat and foam roll – after I watch a nice little instructional video on You Tube so I’m not there rolling on my ass for 10 minutes Again with no clue.  Life can sometimes be embarrassing.

88 degrees
Hot and humid and sunny as all hell
Distance: 3.0 miles in 26 minutes
Felt: slow but for me it actually wasn’t too slow (8:51 per mile)
Craved: pancakes

I’m on week 4 of my Hal Higdon novice marathon training program and I’m not quite sure what’s going on but I don’t feel like I’m in shape right now.  I was running before I started the program, but now I almost feel as though I’ve digressed.  Most days I feel like I’m running in slow motion and my body is fighting it, even though I know I can go so much faster.  I’m going to start deviating from the plan to work in intervals and hills, I’m not sure what else to do.

Thoughts?  Suggestions for a first time marathoner?

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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2 Responses to Summer, summer camps, and undiscovered talents

  1. sarah says:

    I went to summer camp for years, and while, yes, I did master the raft-jumping technique, most of the things on your list were lost on me as well. Meh. Can't help you with the marathon training plan – I'm not familiar with Higdon, but I have to admit he probably knows more about training people than I do. It pains me to say that, but it's probably true.

  2. laura* says:

    I think I'll just have to experiment and figure out a way to kick my own ass a little.I've never jumped off one of those wooden dock/raft things before…I should try it sometime.

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