Drinking and shopping should be outlawed

Over the weekend I got in both my long run and my cross training…if you can call cross training me doing exercises on a yoga mat in my living room while watching the World Cup in my pajamas.  My arms are actually a little bit sore today, but that might be from lifting drinks to my face.  I went out and had drinks on Friday and Sunday, it was a nice reminder of a past life – and why I don’t live like that anymore.  It was fun, but so much responsibility got poured down the shitter.  We went to Target and spent a butt load of money on stupid things like Slim Jims, hangers, pain reliever, Sobe waters, and toilet paper.  At least we remembered to buy the toilet paper!  The two of us after drinking several beers at the bar had no right being in a Target, it was a recipe for disaster.  To make things worse, today we stopped into Whole Foods to do our grocery shopping (yes, we’re still organic with the exception of Slim Jims and Sobe water apparently) and we shopped hungry and tired from a fun filled weekend.  I don’t even want to tell you how much stocking up we did.  Hunger and grocery shopping do not mix well, and if you ever need some organic spaghetti Os or sardines we have a whole pantry full of them now.  The thought is nauseating!

Today was a running Off day, so there was nothing to suffer through in this nasty heat and nothing to crave – because I can’t get the thought of spaghetti Os and sardines out of my head.  Tomorrow, I expect good things.

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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