Week 3 Craptastic Long Run

Week 3 long run requesting 5 miles.
I think I don’t really know the system well enough to understand why the program would ask me to run 7 miles last week and then back off to do 5 this week…and then 9 next weekend!  This apparently is the reasoning:

Long Runs: Notice that although the weekly long runs get progressively longer, every third week is a “stepback” week, where we reduce mileage to allow you to gather strength for the next push upward. Rest is an important component of any training program.  www.halhigdon.com

I still think at this stage in the game my body needs the mileage, so I set out to run somewhere in between 5-7 miles this morning.

I should back up to last night.  We drove an hour away to our friend’s farm for a 30th birthday party, and then an hour back home.  I indulged in a bunch of home made sangria and awesome bbq like someone should at a milestone birthday party.  We arrived back to the house and got into bed a little after 2pm.  It was a really fun night, and I wish I had a better reason for running so shitty today.  It was one of those runs where my body just didn’t want to cooperate, my legs were dragging behind me, my ankle was throbbing, and I just couldn’t find my pace.  It wasn’t even too hot out or anything, it was all just me.  I barely squeaked out 6.11 miles and it was U-G-L-Y, so painful and so painful to watch for those spectators out there milling around the sidewalks at 10am.  I’m sorry you all had to see that, it wasn’t very fun for me either.

Later in the day, I watched the USA Track and Field championships.  It’s really amazing to see these people run So Fast!  I mean, they make it look effortless, like anyone could run a 32 minute 10,000M (6.21miles) or something.  Yeah, I can run that distance in something a little more pedestrian, like 55 gut wrenching minutes, I’m embarrassed just thinking of it.  One of my new favorite people to watch is Lolo Jones in the hurdles, she is just awesome and such a positive person.  I could use more positivity in my life!  It made me feel good to know that some people were running fast today, even if it wasn’t me!  It’s on again tomorrow if anyone is interested in watching ridiculously toned men and women run around a track for a few hours, I’m DVRing it!

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