It almost didn’t happen, and then it did

Tonight I faced many challenges.
Be over dressed at work in case there is a meeting, or don’t bother.  I did just in case!
Go out for a drink after work with some people – on the house.
Go out for a 4 hard mile run with my Thursday night group in 90 degree weather and massive humidity with a severe thunderstorm warning.

So I went out for 1 beer, and then raced home.  I actually would have made it to the group run if my friend hadn’t urged us to skip it this week.  We were texting back and forth for up to 5 minutes before we would normally leave, and it was just too hard to call, we just didn’t know what to do but I think the thunderstorm warning plus the heat on top of it just became too much for us.  Also, I’m pretty sure that I freaked her out!  Once I got home, the skies cleared and the sun came out unexpectedly.  Whatever though, it was still freaking hot outside and I am very much looking forward to my weekend long run on the horizon even if it’s hot and humid. 

I didn’t skip it all for nothing, I think my work friends appreciated the effort of turning up for happy hour even if I only stayed for one drink since I pretty much skip 90% of them in favor of working out.  They probably think that I’m crazy or crazy anti-social!  There’s a lot of factors that go into me skipping many happy hours.  For 1.  We have them all the time, 1-2 times a month sponsored by the generous people who we do business with, and 2. I don’t like to drink that much, especially on an empty stomach, and 3. That free drink isn’t really free, it means we need to talk a little about work things, and 4. I’d totally rather be working out!  Sure I take days off here and there, but in general I’d rather be working out than sitting on my ass on a barstool in my monkey suit continuing the work day past 5pm.

In the end it was a good decision, I got my run in at 8:30pm once it had significantly cooled down…although when I say it cooled down, it really somehow stayed very humid.  I ran pretty slow, and I got really sweaty.  When I say it’s unattractive, I mean that the sweat is unattractive but not necessarily the face I’m making or my actual face…right?  Right.

94 during the day but 80 degrees at night for my run
Hot and humid, somewhat like soup
Distance: 3 dark miles
Felt: slow
Craved: ice water

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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