Our 1 Year Anniversary, and of course there was cake

Last night we went out to support our brother in Law graduate from his surgical residency program.  Yeah yeah, he’s super brilliant and funny, we love him.  The dinner was held at the Boston Harbor Hotel and we figured it would be just like any other Boston area hotel banquet dinner.  Oh No.  We were so wrong because it was knock your socks off fantastic food.  The wine was good, the food was good, the speeches were short and we were out of there before 10pm.  It almost distracted us from the fact that we were way under dressed. 

Since it was our 1 year anniversary as well, we were happy to not have to spend all night sitting at a table with strangers…and luckily we had an anniversary cake in the fridge ready to be cut right into. [cake from Konditor Meister, and it was worth the drive].  This year has gone by so fast!

We took Monday off to celebrate our anniversary by spending some time with each other since the whole weekend was packed full of family time.  We drove out to Rockport, MA and spent lunchtime walking around town and visiting all the galleries. 

It’s such a cute little town, but we really over estimated the amount of time we’d spend there.  We had coffee, looked in all the shops and galleries, ate lunch at some really nothing special restaurant and got a strudel.  The strudel was great!  By 2pm we were already driving home, but we had a souvenir.  We bought a nice little seaside piece of art to hang on the wall.  It’s three little fish made out of fence wood mounted onto a piece of beach wood by Peter Koster.  It’s not something that really fits with our mostly modern decor, but I just really liked it!

Overall, it was nice to take a day off and get out of the city.  I wish we had a more solid plan before we head out though, we were kind of struggling on where to go and what to do and when we were done with that area so early we had no idea where else to go but home so we took a nap and ate more cake!  Tuesday really needs to have less cake…     

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4 Responses to Our 1 Year Anniversary, and of course there was cake

  1. Happy anniversary!!I've been to Rockport, MA too and agree – it's gorgeous but you can get through the whole town in a couple of hours. 🙂 Cute wall hanging thingy!

  2. Laurie says:

    happy anniversary!

  3. natasha says:

    you and the froggie behind you are doing the same thing!

  4. laura* says:

    I know, the frog and I are totally on the same page. Cake = Get in mouth.

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