7 Hot Miles and Food Galore

Yesterday was my week 2 long run asking for 7 miles.  In order to squeeze it in during a crazy day filled with family things I had to get up at 7am to head out for 7:45am.  This time I brought my brand new camelbak:

Usually on longer runs I take a water belt with me, but this was so much more comfortable.  I barely noticed it on and it held the perfect amount of water to keep my hydrated without weighing me down (1.5L).  It doesn’t bounce around at all, so I totally suggest it for longer runs when it’s sweltering outside.

75 degrees
Hot Hot Hot
Distance: 7.0 miles in 1:09
Felt: Sore from Thursday
Craved: a calzone

My legs were a little sore from Thursday’s fast 4 miles and I honestly don’t know how to combat soreness… I tried to do some extra stretching on Thursday and Friday but it didn’t work as hoped.  After about 2 miles into my run my soreness faded away and I felt pretty good except for the fact that I couldn’t seem to get enough shade.  At 5 miles I was hurting and running really slowly, but luckily right when I hit 5 my direction of running turned and headed for home and my last two miles were faster just knowing I was so close.  As I was cooling down and then walking to a stop, I realized that my legs were hurting and I was running late to pick up my husband at the airport.  Damn!   

I refueled with a Vega chai vanilla, almond milk, and banana smoothie and hit the road.  I picked up Abe, and we went straight to the bakery to pick up our 1 year anniversary cake to re-live getting married.  I’ll let you know if it was worth the effort… and then we met up with out of town family members and lunched at Bertucci’s.  I haven’t been there in 4-5 years and the entire menu is different, I got a rosemary chicken panini with salad.  I think we stuffed our faces at a disturbing pace, I could have eaten two of those things.  Much later in the day we had the dol for our youngest niece.  It’s a Korean ceremony where the child at 1 year sits in front of a bunch of different object like money, stethoscope, paint brush, books, just things that represent a profession in the future.  The child will eventually grab something and that is what he/she is predicted to be when they grow up.

Our niece is destined to work with computers, like her uncle Abe.  After picking up the Blackberry she immediately started crying, Abe felt her pain for a few brief minutes.  And of course there is lots of food and cake.  I’m eating a Korean dumpling, rice, and noodle soup.  It’s tasty! 

Today, we have a family brunch and then Abe’s brother in law has a big fancy graduation dinner from his residency program.  There will be cocktails, dinner, and many long speeches about people we don’t know.  If nothing else, the food will be fantastic at this fancy Boston hotel!!

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2 Responses to 7 Hot Miles and Food Galore

  1. natasha says:

    I want that soup!!!

  2. laura* says:

    I'm such a bad Korean that I can't even remember what it's called but I get it all the time. So Good!

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