A Smooth 6 and Annoying Tiny Horns

Week 1 of marathon training went really well!  I hit all my scheduled mileage and all of the runs including my first long run (6 miles) today went really well.  It’s the longest I’ve run since October and because of my half marathon experience I was able to pace myself so I didn’t die in the first half.  I’m pretty proud of myself because these small accomplishments will be important to remember later.

60 degrees
Overcast with rain on the horizon
Distance: 6.11 miles
Felt: Great
Craved: pizza

And now for the World Cup.
I don’t understand soccer.  I played for about 2 seasons back when I was like 7 and I quit because I didn’t like to run around outside in the rain and cold during the fall season.  This is the truth.  My mom said: do you want to play soccer again this year?  I said: no, it’s too cold and wet outside.  7 year old me is very similar to 28 year old me, we’re both raving mad when it comes to a little chill.  So back to the actual soccer players.  Being American, I can’t understand why in 90 minutes or more of play there can be only 1 goal scored.  What is everyone doing for that entire 90 minutes besides running around?  I’m still trying to figure this out, but I’m used to the high scoring games like basketball where 80 is a common amount of points.  Also, I don’t understand why its illegal to trip someone.  I mean if you’re running and someone sticks out their leg, isn’t it your fault for being stupid enough to run right into it?  I feel like you can kick someone in the face and it’s ok, but if you kick them in the leg that’s not cool.  That probably isn’t true!  This is just new to me every 4 years, I literally ask myself these same questions every time the World Cup comes around.  Even so, I’m rooting for the US of course!!  God, those horns are annoying.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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