I shouldn’t have left the house

Last night we went to a little cookout and had a few beers.  It was good, but we made sure we got home and went to bed at a decent hour because we had plans to exercise in the morning.  An Effing Insane thunder and lightening storm seemed to sit right on top of our house for an hour at 3AM.  It was a sign.

This morning, I raced over to my class but didn’t get a spot.  So instead of staying at the gym to hit the treadmill, I came right back home to run outdoors in 70+ degrees and massive humidity at 11 in the morning.  Why?!  It sounded like an Ok idea at the time.  1.5 miles into my planned 4.5 mile run, I was Hot and really just wanted some freaking shade so I took a little detour down a side street with some big fluffy trees.  Five steps in, I stepped on some really uneven pavement and twisted my right ankle.  I never twist my ankles so I kind of didn’t know how to react. I stopped running, stood under a tree and stretched while I thought about it.  I decided to turn around and head back home in a walking and running fashion.  Guys, I was dying.  I was really hot, thirsty, tired, and maybe a little hungover.  I was going down a slight down hill and I twisted my left ankle.  I was still a good mile from home so I had no choice but to continue walking/running to get home.  This was stupid, I have no idea why any of that happened but it was like the perfect storm of a bad run: hot and humid, too close to high noon, dehydration from beer the night before, too little sleep, and an uncooperative body. 

Upon return to my house, I iced my right ankle.  I’m thinking that the incident on the left side wasn’t half as bad so it will feel fine in a few hours. Since I have no history of weak or weary joints, I expect the right ankle to feel fine by Tuesday (day 1 of my marathon training program).  I’m going to try and pretend none of this happened.


About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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