Carson Beach 5K

This morning around 6:30am thunder shook us awake.  My first thought was: oh, crap…road race at 10 stop thundering.  My last 5K just a few weeks ago was also a rainy day, and really how much can it rain before it stops?  It can rain a lot, don’t test the skies.  It went from misting, to sprinkles, to monsooning, in a continuous cycle all morning.  Everytime I thought it was done, it proved me wrong.  I had to pick up my number early, so then we were standing there in the rain for 30 minutes before the race started.  It was not an ideal situation, my feet were soaked before I got the starting line.  I was so happy that I got a new water proof running jacket, just in time for this race.  It’s by Brooks and it’s Not waterproof as claimed.  Thanks dudes, I kind of expected more, and in fact I think I’ll pick up a new one over at Nike.  Once the race finally got underway, I might have started too close to the front because my first mile was around 7:15 and that’s entirely too fast for me to maintain.  I spent the second mile mostly recovering from my sprint, and that’s when the monsoon hit.  It started raining so hard that when I breathed in, I felt like I was drowning.  I was dying, I looked and felt like it was the most painful road race ever created.  Entering into the 3rd mile it was still raining cats and dogs, and some nice girl came up to me and was like: I can see the finish line, we’re almost done, keep it up!  I smiled in return.  I really must have looked like death, it was a nice thing to do but I didn’t realize how bad I must have looked or maybe it was the wheezing.  Either way, I finally made it to the finish line and guess what?  I got another PR!!  I ran 3.13 miles in 26:35 according to my Garmin.  Thank God or all that pain and drowning would not have been worth it!  How long does it take for sneakers to dry?

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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One Response to Carson Beach 5K

  1. meggy says:

    GOOD GOD. that watch is enormous! Great job on the PR!!

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