The circus and the water main break

We went to the Big Apple Circus with some family yesterday.  The girls are young enough so that the circus is a really cool activity for them, but was it really?  There were a lot of acrobatic type acts, and I really just kept waiting for the animals to show up.  I saw two horses that a man stood on top of as they ran around in a circle.  That seems harmless enough, they didn’t seem to be very bothered by him doing that.  Later, a couple was doing a funny little dance routine and dogs came running out to jump over and run under them.  It was really cute and the dogs seemed to be having a lot of fun.  This was not the circus with the animals in chains and the lion tamers, this was the circus with a clown and a bunch of acrobats and juggling acts.  The best part of the whole thing was for sure the flying trapeze people.  One huge dude caught the little flying and spinning dudes one after another, as if it were nothing while hanging upside down.  I was really impressed. 

I didn’t know which circus this was going to be when we first agreed to go.  In fact, I was feeling so guilty over going to a place where mistreated animals were going to be the entertainment but luckily that is the other circus.  The Big Apple Circus is perfect for little kids, and I’m pretty sure most of the adults really liked it too.  The only downside is that tickets are $45!!  I guess that’s how they pay for all those fancy spandex costumes and feather plumes.

Right after our visit with the clowns, we found out that there was water issue in our area.  Our town and most surrounding towns had to boil their water before consuming.  We’ve pretty much been boiling water ever since, but of course that night we went to bed so late and I was so tired that I totally brushed my teeth with tap water!  After all that boiling, I’m an idiot, but I think I’m Ok.  We’re trying to figure out what to do about laundry…technically we can do it here, but also, they don’t want people to use water unneccesarily for things like laundry, so we may be going to another town to use a laundramat.  I can’t even remember the last time I used a laundramat!  Today is going to be 89 degrees and we’re going to be running around figuring out laundry and water issues.  At least it’s not raining…yet!!

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