Finishing Photo and Pesticide Cheat Sheet

Ah yes, that’s me in the middle wearing the way too warm jacket and the flying in the wind pony tail #2660.  I feel a lot less stupid knowing that none of the people around me smiled for their finishing photo either.  We can all look stupid together!  Something I’ll have to remember is to not look like I’m dying when I finally finish a marathon, try to look at least upbeat if not happy.  There’s a reward at the end of every race.  The reward after this particular race was a giant cup of hot coffee, a beer, and a Red Sox game.

My husband downloaded this little card at from the blog section.  He printed and laminated it for me so I can keep it in my wallet while shopping.  How cute is this?  I love their funny little sad expressions.  Of course, I buy almost all my produce organic when I can find the option but it is good to know what produce is the most important.  Besides this produce, the website itself has the cutest stuff ever!

I actually always thought that broccoli was a high pesticide veggie, this little reference card is super helpful!  The eggplant is so funny, I’m pretty sure I make that face.

If you can’t go organic all the time,  now you can know where it is worth it and where it might not be.  Or maybe you just go to My Paper Crane and buy a stuffed toilet.  Whatever floats your boat.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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