Summer Wishes

Over at the Runner’s Kitchen there was a blog post about her summer wish list.  At first, I was like: she is crazy, it’s only April and it’s been pouring in MA for weeks now and I’m still wearing a fleece.  Now that a nice day has finally hit us, I think I can start day dreaming about the perfect summer – or as perfect as it can be with limited resources.
  • Find a 4th of July road race in the area so I can run in the morning and then BBQ delicious foods in the afternoon.
  • Go to the beach more than once.
  • Make it to a Farmer’s market once a week.
  • Enjoy lobsters eaten outside by the water front out of the city.
  • Join my family on the Cape for a weekend that doesn’t involve passive aggressive annoyance.
  • Only turning on the AC when we Really need it!  (this will be harder for my other half)
  • Diving into my Chicago Marathon training schedule and listening to my body to avoid injuries.
  • That includes running in the AM 2-3 times per week depending on the workout (I am not a morning person).
  • Finally visit the Arboretum with a picnic in tow and a good book.
  • Go on a little road trip to Maine.
  • Get my upside down tomato plant to actually produce tomatoes.
  • Hit the ice cream stand by where my parents live for an orange sherbert cone.
  • Make sherbert at home….can I even do that?  I hope so!
  • Go on a long bike ride with my husband that doesn’t involve a reward of food at the end : )
  • Find a second car to cruise around in.
  • Be healthy and happy!

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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3 Responses to Summer Wishes

  1. Shelley says:

    Hi,I stumbled upon your blog when I was searching for a stuffed shell recipe. But I noticed your current entry. I'm running this 10K on July 4th and it's early enough where you can be elsewhere by noon.

  2. meggy says:

    ummm, and no mention on seeing one of your best college freinds…twice 🙂

  3. laura* says:

    Thanks for the 10K info Shelley!Meg – Expected plans of course were not factored into my Wish List : )

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