The Agony Part II

This morning after a visit to the chiropractor, I took the sweaty weekend version of the same class I took on Tuesday.  The unfunny thing about this is that it’s so much harder than it is on weekdays, it’s like the Saturday class is the weekday class x 100.  After the first 10 minutes I was thinking: I’ve already done literally 100 squats, how many more can I do before I freak out!  Apparently I can do atleast 100 more.  Later, after the 45th pushup I heard a little voice yell out: JEEEEEEZ!!!  For a brief second I wasn’t sure it was me, or if it was someone else!  It was someone else today, everyone looked up and died laughing.  She was so right.  My silent “Effing Effs” and “Mother Eff” weren’t silent today, and because everyone was being pushed way far beyond their limits it was a mutual feeling of being close to the breaking point.  If I thought I knew pain, I think I’m going to be reacquainted with it when I wake up tomorrow.

So obviously after working out really hard I figured that I should probably spend my afternoon baking… a very exciting knock your socks off carrot cake…recap to follow!

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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