3.27 Whole Foods Visit

I’m trying to eat as organic as I possibley can.  I totally know that if I choose to eat outside the house it won’t be organic and I’m Ok with that, but when it comes out of my cabinets then I want it to be something I can get behind.  Last week at Whole Foods I bought $92 worth of groceries and I wasn’t very smart about what I got so by Friday, the pickings were really slim.  This week, I compiled a list with my meals written out and all the ingredients needed for breakfast (both of us), lunch (for me), dinner (both of us), and 1 project (carrot cake!!).  Here are the results:

You’re probably like: holy shit, who spends $115 on groceries for 2 people every week?  Well suckers, we do.  When I used to shop at Shaw’s every week, the bill ranged from $100 – $125 every single week.  Don’t worry, none of it goes to waste, we eat every penny of it!  Yes, I got more food at Shaw’s for that amount of money, but was it good food?  No, it was a lot of extra stuff that I shouldn’t have put in my body to begin with.  I don’t think I’m going to be too sad about the chips, soda, frozen treats, frozen lunch meals, and chemically enhanced cheeses that aren’t allowed here anymore.   

A close up of my enthusiastic load of swag.  There are probably 3 products here that aren’t certified organic like the Lactaid milk, the Silk vanilla creamer, and the Reynolds Wrap.  That green six pack is actually ginger ale.  I’m trying to prove to my husband that we can eat better without breaking the bank.  I read the labels on every single product that I put into my cart and it’s all worth eating.  Also, I chose to buy a lot of products on sale.  My dinner is in here too – a little carton of pasta with tomatos and capers for $3 off the original price and man it’s decedent.  I totally get that $115 is still a lot of money for most families and people.  My goal is to keep the weekly grocery bill at $100-$120 per week in the same range as I was spending at Shaw’s and if it works out, then maybe the second phase will be to reduce the weekly bill.  This is a 1 month experiment to see if I can do it!  

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2 Responses to 3.27 Whole Foods Visit

  1. natasha says:

    I like this experiment. And that is my favorite kind of broth to use! I love it! Maybe because we cook we spend so much $$, I feel like I spend the same average amount as you do!

  2. laura* says:

    The broth is on sale right now! 2 for something…like 2 for $5 maybe.

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