Lost Gets Me, I Just Don’t Get It

Super Spoiler Alert: I really liked this week’s Lost.  A lot of people had issues with it being so little real time and so much flash back, but I’ve been dying to know more about Richard Alpert so it was a really great episode to me.  This week questions got answered: how did the statue break, how did Richard get to the island, how did Richard become the liason and island protector, why was the Black Rock literally in the middle of the jungle.  I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere even though I know that next week will just bring more questions. 

My new theories are that Jacob’s replacement could still be Jack, but maybe someone else.  I think that Hurley is going to be the new Richard because he’s always trying to do the right thing.  Except for that time he was eating all the Dharma food, but other more important times he always sides with the good side.  Maybe there won’t be a new Richard, but I think there has to be.  Without the original Richard, none of what happened would have happened in Jacob’s favor.  What will happen if Locke leaves the island?  I don’t even know how he expects to get off the island in the first place.  Did he suddenly learn how to repair and fly planes the same way that Sawyer thinks he can drive a submarine?  Maybe he plans on killing Charles Whidemore and using his body to get off somehow.  I don’t know, maybe the crazy scientist will come back and time travel the good guys off the island leaving the bad guys behind.  WTF!  I don’t know.           

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