Moving is like a disease: a gross one.

Today, we got up at the crack of dawn to go back to our old place to clean it up and retrieve some things from the freezer.  It was annoying, tedious, and stupid if you ask me.  Abe just wanted to make sure everything was perfect so that the landlord couldn’t come back to us with an issue.  Although if he did, I imagine I would get onto a ladder and yell down with a megaphone: You can suck it!!  In your Face!!

After we cleaned a unit that we’d never see again, we returned our old cable box, and then made our way to Ikea.  We ate our Swedish meatballs to fuel up for some serious shopping and got to it.  I cannot express to you how overwhelming I find that place.  I think it’s great in that it offers you so much, but too many choices make me really uncomfortable.  I mean we needed a couch, and there were just way too many couch options there within a reasonable price range.  It’s not like going to Boston Interiors and being like: ok, well only 5 of these are within our price range so just pick one.  No, this is like: hey, which one of these 50 couches do you like, by the way they come in 5 different colors and all have ottomans and matching chairs to go with them.  We haven’t sold our wonderful sea foam green couch yet, but instead of buying another nice one we’re just going to settle for something that actually Fits into the house.  In the long term, I don’t see myself owning a small couch so we decided to just find something for this place.  We settled on a decent couch for not much money, but of course we got the ottoman to go with it, and then we needed other things on top of that… Today, we bought a new couch, ottoman, 2 matching glass desks, 2 baby blue plastic desk rolling chairs, 2 desk lamps, bowls, a clock, and a new plant with pot.  It sounds like a ton of stuff, and it is, but it’s all less than our old couch.  The majority of it will be delivered later this week, so we’ll be sitting on the floor putting stuff together for hours – as if unpacking wasn’t bad enough.

Even Yoshi wants to sit down after a long day.  But where?  We don’t have a couch, all we have is kitchen chairs and rolling chairs all of which are from Ikea!  That’s what happens, if you spend too much time in there you start to think: well the tv stand is really well made for the price so maybe I can furnish my entire place with this stuff and it slowly and accidently happens until you realize that every piece of furniture you own has been self assembled with a wrench that came in the box, yet you are wearing $200 jeans.  Priorities I guess!

So back to moving.  We’re not going to be completely moved in for another week or so.  My neck still hurts a lot, my chiropractor doesn’t understand why it keeps having issues but I’m sure packing, moving, lifting heavy boxes, unpacking, and sitting on the floor looking up at the tv doesn’t help.  Try the new line of Martha Stewart cleaning products at Home Depot, they won’t disappoint.  Some moving advice: if something looks too thin and or delicate to stick a nail through, don’t do it!   

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