Welcome to Awesome

The night before our move, I was laying in bed and thinking: I really like this apartment, I’m not sure that I’m really ready to leave it yet!  But why, why did I like something that was half assed into looking nice when really it was a piece of crap building.  Why did I like a 900 square foot sardine can that was so small Abe and I were constantly walking into each other?  It just felt like home, that’s the only reason.  

The movers came right on time and I swear they were really surprised at how many boxes we had.  In  fact they even packed a couple more for us when we realized we had some things laying around that we didn’t know how to pack…like a fan, how do you pack a fan?  Well they know, and they know how to pack a printer without breaking it too.  I was so pleased to see how the sunlight just streams into our new place, I feel like my vitamin D deficiency might be cured here.  I think the movers were just happy to see that it was one flight of stairs. 

We made it:  Abe, myself, kitchen table and chairs, bedroom set, tv with stand, filing cabinet, 60 boxes of stuff, but no couch.   My beloved couch was 4 inches too tall to make it into our new place.  It was the most perfect sea foam green color, and it was perfectly molded to our asses.  Not only that but it was really like the best couch ever.  So now it’s sitting in the garage here until we can find a buyer, and we can go buy a new one that won’t be even close to as nice.  I’m pretty angry about it, I have a hard time letting go sometimes. 

We arrived with 60 boxes but at this point I think we have only 10 left.  I am really happy to say that so far everything we’ve unpacked has a home here.  I mean a linen closet with all that multiple shelving, it might be normal for other people to have something like this, but I’ve never had one before and it’s probably the best kind of closet ever.  We unpacked from 2pm to 11pm last night until the bottoms of our feet just hurt too much to stand on.  I was really going after the prize, letting things sit in boxes gives me anxiety.  Like the thought of leaving something in a box means that it might stay in there forever.

I got up early (because the light was shining into our room like crazy) and went for a run through our new neighborhood.  I took my Garmin with me instead of an ipod and ran to my favorite thai restaurant…I know, everything revolves around food here!  Anyways, it’s 1 mile away from our house which was just kind of like good to know so when I have a tom yum craving I can just ride my bike.  The best part about being here is that it feels so suburban.  I didn’t run past homeless people like I did in Cambridge, or fear getting hit by a car, it’s really nice and relaxing and Quiet!  Man is it quiet here.

Today, we are going to finish unpacking our boxes and hookup our washer and dryer.  My parents are arriving this evening which is both good (so we actually finish with the boxes) but bad (because they are super neat freaks).  Maybe later my husband will walk to the ice cream stand across the street with me!  How quaint!     


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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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One Response to Welcome to Awesome

  1. natasha says:

    I've always been 50% country 50% city and never inch more one way but this post made me realize how much I love suburban life….especially the ice cream line.

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