Packing and Moving

We’re busy effing bees right now packing up for our big move tomorrow.  The movers are arriving at 8am so we’ve got to be packed and ready for them really early.  I left work an hour early today so I could come home and help finish up, but now it’s 10:30 and we’re still going.  Good God.  I can sum up my night with 4 items:

1.  A couple should not have 60 medium sized boxes worth of stuff while in a two bedroom apartment.  We own way too much crap obviously. 
2.  I’m never EVER eating Indian food again.  I feel like I’m going to puke but I’m holding it in because the image of me throwing up vegetable samosas, chicken tikka masala, biryani rice, and another curry, is just too disgusting.  Damn you Kebab Factory and your over priced mish-mash!
3.  Packing while feeling this nauseated is punishment…oddly I’m craving watermelon sherbert on an ice cream cone even though I feel sick.
4.  We’re moving again in a year probably so we decided to save all the boxes after this move.  So next time when I pull out a box that says: rice cooker, bathroom scale, shower curtain, shoe horns, and umbrellas – I can be reminded that Abe was right when he said I was Insane.

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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