Finally, a new car

After a year of disagreeing back and forth on a car, we finally came to a very financially good agreement on one to buy so our payments are basically the same.  It’s a 2007 certified pre-owned BMW 328xi in graphite.  It’s the same exact model that we had just 2 years newer so the body is a little different and there are some nice other features that came along with it.   

Yeah it’s not a very good photo of the car!  But when you hear someone approaching in our garage you’ve really got to finish up and hurry along.

This is our old car.  The funny part is that I brought the same travel coffee cup with me on today’s visit to the dealership.   I have this thing for coffee, and on weekends I like to take it with me wherever I go.  Anyways, we had this really love/hate relationship with this car.  First off, when it got wet it would smell bad and that is enough to terrify someone into getting rid of it (imagine a molding Italian sub with sour milk poured on top).  Second, the service plan ran up and we needed an expensive break job and other little things.  Lastly, the back seats don’t fold down so I could never go out and buy a full length mirror or like ridiculously long items.  Although most people wouldn’t buy a new car over these inconveniences, people like me and my husband would.  Driving around the city can be annoying enough, we need to do it in some comfort.

Finally, the great car debate is over and it’s time to move on to our next big debate: the second car.  We have a front runner, but we’ll see what happens, hopefully it doesn’t take us a full year to get another one.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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