That’s Something Jerks Do

Let me tell you a story about a girl who sat on the Acela for 4 hours, then took a local train to a bus in order to get home a on cold Boston night.  She comes home to find a package from Target with three new shirts inside, and thinks: oh nice, I’m going to try these on and then get into my PJs.  She goes into the bedroom, undresses down to her unmentionables, and starts to unwrap her new package when…

[super loud knocking]
Where the F is that coming from, oh shit it’s the front door, did I lock it?  OH SHIT!!!
 [more super loud knocking]

She grabs random clothing and runs into the bathroom realizing that she didn’t actually grab any pants in that handful of stuff she brought with her.  She runs out and throws on pants with her heart beating a million miles an hour, and then opens the front door only to see nobody there.  Then a voice “Hi, I have a realtor and some people coming at 5:40 would that be Ok”.  The current time was 5:35.  In What effing world is it OK to just give 5 minutes warning before showing a place.  For us, it would be ideal if they just got new tenants so they could stop showing it, but NOBODY IS GOING TO RENT THIS STUPID PLACE ESPECIALLY WITH AN EFFING HOLE IN THE EFFING CEILING!!

We’re moving in 9 days, and all I want is 24 hours notice before a realtor shows up at my door with strangers.  Is that too much to ask?  I read everywhere that “reasonable notice” was required, to me that means 24 hours and not 5 effing minutes.  What the Shit?  I know he wants to rent this place out, but he really needs to step back and think about it for a second: Hole In The Ceiling.

If I hadn’t opened the door, because I was actually home 1 hour before I normally am, he would have just showed our apartment without even getting my consent OR telling us.  THAT is what really boils my blood.  What do I do though?  We want our security deposit back…

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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