Abe finally convinced me to see Avatar with him last night.  Super Spoiler Alert if you haven’t seen it yet.  We went to a little movie theater across from our new apartment in a new town.  It was so quaint, I mean there was a ticket window outside and not only was there a typical snack and candy bar but there was also an ice cream counter!  We got one giant popcorn and found seats with our 3-D glasses.  I think we forget sometimes how posh city cinemas can be with their huge stadium seating and spacious seperation.  This place was really old school, I think that our view was obstructed from both sets of seats that we tried but whatever atleast we got seats.  The movie totally sold out, it must have just gotten to that theater so the families and empty nesters were all really excited. 

The movie started out Ok, I think I liked it for about half of the movie and that’s just when things started to go sour for me.  The storyline started to get really stale and predictable.  The 3D effects weren’t enough to save the movie for me.  Then, Then, some idiot with a cell phone actually answered it when it rang On Speakerphone!!  Who answers a phone in the movies, and on speakerphone!!  Everyone freaked out.  I really wanted to yell out: shut off your mother Effing Phone you Retard!!  But there was a single dude sitting  next to me and I didn’t want to scare the crap out of him.  It was bad enough that he had to listen to me crunch on popcorn the whole time.

The part I liked about the movie was when the blue people chose their flying dragon things.  I thought it was very sweet that they were bonded for life, up until Jake decided to ditch his original one (poor thing) and upgrade to an even bigger one.  I might have been the only person who felt bad about that though.  So yeah the 3D was kind of cool, but was the movie worth like half a billion dollars to make?  No Effing Way, and Sam Worthington wasn’t cast right.  He’s either a really bad actor or they wanted someone to have no range of emotion, his face is just like frozen in one expression all the time.  I think maybe he just wasn’t right for this movie…

You know what this movie reminded me of?  Fern Gully.

Remember this movie from the late 80s?  If you are my age, you totally remember Batty and the fairies, it was good enough for a Fern Gully 2 that’s for sure.  The humans go into the rainforest and they want to steal all the goods, but somehow the fairies fight back with their magical powers and save their home.  It sounds familiar, there was a love story, and the good guys won.

I am one of those people who sees all these reviews on how awesome something is going to be, and then I have expectations.  When those aren’t met, I’m really critical.  Most people liked Avatar, even people in the same theater as us kept saying: Wasn’t that Awesome!  For me, I just need more story and less special effects.  All in all, I was disappointed.


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