Neck update

I saw a NP today at my doctor’s office and I was really impressed at how thorough she was.  I had to do strength tests and reflex, but the worst part is when she started poking around my neck and back.  She totally caught me off guard and I let out a really weird noise.  I’m pretty sure it sounded like a moderately loud “meeeeeep”.  I wish she had warned me.  It seems that I have a neck strain and I’m now experiencing muscle spasms which is why my shoulders and back hurt so much right now.  I let this go on for approximately 2 weeks, you know why?  Because even though I live right next to my doctor’s office and it’s convenient, I didn’t want to have to tell her I hurt it by taking a nap on the couch while playing Bejeweled on Abe’s iPhone.  I did my best not to come off as being insane, but it didn’t work.  My best efforts were only sabotaged by myself of course.  She set me up with a chiropractor for this weekend, and some physical therapy for later.  I got up to walk out and she stared down my big Longchamp shoulder bag…

NP: You really shouldn’t be carrying that around on your shoulder.
Me: Oh I know, I need a backpack.
NP:  Or a rolly bag!!  and loud giggly chuckle.

This is why I don’t have an iPhone, because it’s dangerous to my health.  So anyways, I’m looking forward to my visit to the chiropractor in two days.  I forgot to mention that I also have a script for a muscle relaxer if I want to try it.  The only problem being that I can only imagine the sister’s wedding from Sixteen Candles when she took them and then could barely even function during her ceremony.  I’m sure that these drugs have changed since 1980 but you know I might just have to skip them and in the mean time find a better bag to lug my lunch, gym stuff, planner, wallet, water bottle, and coffee in everyday to work.  It will not have wheels.  

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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