First Race

Tonight after kicking someone off the treadmill who happened to go over their time limit (for the second day in a row), I ran two miles both at 8:45 pace which is like Speedy Gonzales for me since I haven’t run much at all these past couple of months and then I jogged another half mile to cool down.  It was hard, my face was beet red by the time I was done.  I’ve been concentrating mainly on the P90X which is great and all, but I still need more cardio it seems to feel more balanced and to really get to my maximum heart rate.  Today I saw on Twitter that the B.A.A 5K registration opened up for the Sunday before the Boston marathon.  I immediately signed up and conned a friend into running it with me.  This will be the first race where I don’t have to stand around at the starting line looking like a lost and lonely lamb, how exciting!  This will also be my first road race of the year, probably the first of 4-5 this year and I hope to start it off with a bang.  Since I have very little experience racing almost every race I run is a PR, and I fully expect that this one will be too.  The downside of all this excitement is that I recently did something to my neck (by napping), and I have a limited range of motion in the neck.  I’m seeing a doctor tomorrow and hopefully we can figure out what the problem is and fix it soon.  I don’t think they let people race when they’ve wearing a neck brace… so hopefully it will get better and not worse.  Send good vibes.

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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