Conversation City

Tuesday, 9:55pm

[ring ring]
Me: Hellllllllllo.
Abe: Hi.
Abe: ok…call me back later.
Me: BYE.
That was our 3 second phone call because shit was about to go down at the temple.
Friend: you guys are out a lot more than you used to be.
Me: oh really?  Yeah I guess so.
Friend: oh yeah, a lot more, it’s nice to see you guys.  We never used to see you before.
[she clearly thought we were hermits.]
[ring ring]

Me: yes.
Friend: do you know how to paste the link to those files, ever since I got a new computer it’s not the same as it used to be.
Me:  well maybe you should ask IT, I have no idea what your’s looks like now.
Friend:  oh i guess so, but what do you think?
Me: I can’t even see what you are talking about, so I really can’t even guess.
Friend: oh, ok.

[1 hour later…ring ring]

Me: yes.
Friend: do you know how to fix this markup stuff on word.
Me: no, I Never use that stuff.
Friend: well do you think if I do this it might work?
Me: I wouldn’t know, I never use it…honestly.
Friend: hm….well…
Friend: Maybe you should ask IT, I’m really not the person to ask.

[2 hours later…oh yes, ring ring]

Me: Yeah.
Friend: do you know how to paste internet icons onto your desktop?
Me: NO.  Really, I just want you to ask IT your questions so you’ll be able to get a real answer.

So painful.  But really, I hope you saw the crazy temple stuff and please contact your local IT person for computer support instead of bugging your friend at work all day long.

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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