The olympics have released me

I’m so happy that the olympics are over!  I loved them, but I think that I let it get a little out of control.  Watching it every night from 8-12 really deprived me of much needed sleep.  I feel like I learn so much about winter sports each olympics, or I forget in 4 years the mechanics of bobsledding and the point of the biathlon….cross country skiing plus shooting stuff…  The next winter olympics will be in Russia in 2014 – doesn’t that seem so far away?  In 4 years I know my life will be much different.  We’ll for sure have a new home, a new dog or two, a family car or two, and probably 1 child (scary but true).  This is the last time I’ll ever be able to fully dedicate myself to watching every sport on every night, so I’m glad that I hung in there and saw everything. 

What I want to know is where was Alex Trebek?  He’s Canadian, and famous, and I would think pretty valueable to their country… I mean if William Shatner can make and appearance I would think that Alex Trebek could too.  I think may enjoy Jeopardy a little more than the average bear though.

I’ve never seen closing ceremonies before that I remember, and they were nothing as I expected.  I thought they would be a simple closing and thank you, I didn’t think there would be so much singing and dancing and bizarre comedy involved.  I was just like: ok it’s over, why are they still going, the man said he declared the games closed.  Apparently there’s a lot more to celebrate with giant inflatable things like beavers and moose.  Yeah, giant inflatable beavers.  I bet you there won’t be giant inflatable beavers in 2014 so good thing I caught them this time around!  beavers.

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