Tired, Hungry, Annoyed.

So tomorrow is Friday, and let me tell you that this eating 1,500 calories per day thing is going well on the outside but is not going very well on the inside.  I really didn’t think that I’d feel hungry all the time.  I lunch at noon:

Looks great right?  Lunch box worthy even!  The major problem being that I only feel satisfied for 1 hour, I’m not even kidding and by 2pm I’m really hungry.  Luckily at 3pm I have a snack, this week it’s been an apple which really doesn’t do much at all. 

I’ve been eating a packet of instant oatmeal with half a banana mixed in for breakfast, which is actually pretty darn good.  I feel that it fills me and it stays with me till about 10:30 and then I mentally coaching myself through until noon when I can eat lunch.  I feel that I’m eating very healthy and the right amount of calories for someone trying to lose a few pounds and my size, I just wasn’t prepared for the physical feeling of being hungry.  When does this feeling end?  Also, my energy level has been way far down underground.  So I’m thinking: hmm, I must be doing something wrong.  I am doing something right though, I’ve been eating 2 fruits a day!  I struggle to eat fruit through the winter time, but this week I’ve been excelling at this one. 

Tomorrow I’m bringing some nuts to snack on…that’s my solution for right now, and I hope it helps!  I’ll figure this out, it’s either timing or a missing ingredient I’m sure.

On a total sidenote: Go USA!

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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