It’s like my worst nightmare

– Scene –
Abe and myself getting home from work, unlocking our door, and walking through the entrance way to our nice and open apartment.
Lights flick on.

Abe: what the heck, did you open all the window shades this morning?
– 3 giant windows with giant shades are all open –
Me: no…
Abe: are you sure?  did you do it last night?
Me: no!  i would never do that.
Abe: what the heck, a realtor must have shown the place today.  that’s so annoying, why didn’t they tell us!
Me: omg, our place is a disaster.  i have underwear sitting on the dresser, my jewelry is all out in the open…  even on a weekend, i only open 1 window shade, never all 3!
Abe: i’m calling the landlord!!!
– Abe calls landlord, landlord calls doorman, nobody let anyone into our place today as far as anyone knows –
Abe: that is not logical.
Me: then who was it!
Abe: i’m getting us a security system. 

– End Scene –
– Panic not ended –

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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