I smell you!

Today my breakfast and lunch were the same old stuff [see lunch-tastic image].  Also you can see the calculator on my desk that people like to steal from me all the time.  Yeah it happens, but it always finds its way back home!
(almond butter and jam on a sandwich thin, a carrot all chopped up, 2 slices from a block of cheddar cheese, 1 serving of wild harvest wheat thins, and a mini juice box…look at all that wasted plastic!)

Dinner was much more exciting:
Asian tofu and veggie stir fry
(Broccoli 65, peppers 25, onion 20, tofu 200, fresh ginger 2, soy sauce 20, sesame oil 75)
1 cooked cup of white rice 200
Of course when I cook like this calories are a bit of an estimation.  I make this meal all the time but this time I cooked it with far less oil and sauce than usual and I think it actually came out tastier!

Daily Total of: 1,544 calories
This year I’m not giving anything up for lent because I’m on a diet and that is sacrifice enough when you’re me and you love food as much as I do.

Today I was walking to the train and someone in the general area around me had a bag of fast food.  I could smell those golden delicious french fries oozing out of somewhere papery, and I tried to find it so I could give that person a nasty look for torturing me.  I don’t even really love fast food that much, but just knowing that I’m just not eating any of that stuff + being super hungry + having a pinched nerve in my neck = someone else needs to suffer with a look that could kill.  Luckily for that person it was also rush hour and I couldn’t find it with all the bustling people!

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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