Mini juiceboxes and lunchboxes

I don’t want to bore you all with my meals every day…so today I basically ate the same thing as yesterday with a few changes and the results are –

Total: 1,599 Calories today
Verdict: I’m hungry…
The Wii says I’m down 2.6 pounds from Sunday.  Success.  How do you lose 2.6 pounds in 3 days?  I’m guessing I dropped some water weight that I was carrying from the Chinese food buffet we visited over the weekend.  It wasn’t worth it, seriously.  I’m feeling much better now, and starting to see what real portion sizes are thanks to calorie counting…they are in fact much smaller than I previously thought!  I’ve been eating a very different lunch than usual because it’s a lot easier for me to be exact in the quantity vs. counting up every little thing I put into a mega salad plus dressing.  My lunches are actually really cute…they belong in a lunch box!

  [This was actually my lunch from Monday, I ate half my sandwich before photographing because I was so ravenous!  The Chobani is still sitting in the fridge at work, I’ll probably forget about it forever.]

Obviously, this would be my lunchbox if I weren’t about 15 years too old for one!

Packed lunches woo!

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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One Response to Mini juiceboxes and lunchboxes

  1. Jenious says:

    My mom and sister bought me a t-shirt very similar to that lunchbox last year…You're never too old for Hello Kitty!

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