Full of Sweets

Red velvet cupcakes and a blueberry pie.  That is what my Valentine got for us, which is very nice, but also very bloating.  Turns out that I’ve actually been over indulging for quite some time now…

Body image is a funny thing.  Sometimes I feel fantastic about myself, and other times (sometimes in the same exact day) I feel like I could really use a total renovation.  Ever since we got back from the cruise in January I’ve been feeling a little less than stellar.  Turns out that it wasn’t just the vacation, but it was life on top of the vacation (three birthday celebrations, and a valentines day on top of that), and now it seems that I’ve gained a bunch of weight.  Luckily for me it’s the middle of winter and sweaters are my friend right now!  Nothing was worse than seeing my weight – At night mind you, after a weekend of really horrible eating, and also after a delicious Cambodian Valentines dinner….also 1 slice of blueberry pie and a half a red velvet cupcake.  I KNOOOOOW!  I know that I make all my own food choices and this is really all my own fault, but it doesn’t make it any easier. 
It’s time to get back on track because this is not the way I want to feel about myself.  This week I’m going to concentrate on portion control and counting calories.  I don’t usually count calories because I feel like I have a general idea of how much I consume but I think that it will be helpful for a couple weeks.  This is also our first full week of P90X since the cruise, we had a lot of scheduling conflicts and work travel, but we’re getting back on track and already feeling the immense muscle pain from way too many pushups on Saturday.  According to one of those online calculators, I need 1844 calories to maintain my current weight, or 1344 to lose 1 pound per week.  I’m going to aim for 1500 because I’m pretty active and the thought of only eating 1300 makes me Hangry. 
small banana 90 cal
2 cups of coffee 18 cal
2 tbsp of fat free coffee mate 50 cal
1 tsp of sugar 16 cal
Thomas bagel 250 cal
1 tbsp of almond butter 100 cal
1 tbsp of raspberry jam 50 cal
Juicy Juice box 70 cal
½ a serving of wild harvest wheat thins (8 total)  65 cal
(I think today’s lunch was a little calorie heavy, I’m going to switch to a sandwich thin instead of a bagel tomorrow…see this is already working.)
Afternoon snack:
1 medium apple 70 cal
1/3 cup of brown rice 100
2 cups of beef and curry sauce with potato, onion, and carrots mixed together

Today’s Total:  1,554  wooo!  
and we still have the p90x tonight to do.
Tomorrow’s goal is to cut some of those excessive calories from my lunch. 

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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