Even small animals want a snow day

Tomorrow its predicted to snow in Boston A Lot.  This would be really effing cool if I were a teacher or a student, but I’m actually a cube monkey and the office never closes for the weather…they do close for the marathon though, go figure!  My game plan is to wear my most snow proof stuff and pray to the fun gods that someone might let me out 2 hours early.  I remember back in the day when you’d have a big test but there was also a potential snow day.  What did you do?  Did you study for the exam just in case, or did you completely blow off all the studying and just pray as hard as you could for snow?  Of course I always studied because there was just one time where I studied only a little bit instead of 100% and then that feeling of being so ill prepared for my test was enough to make me never do such a thing again.  I like to stick my toe into the pool of rebellion every once in a while…

In a perfect world, I would get a phone call telling me not to endanger myself by leaving the house.  We would sleep in till 10am, and later Abe and I would go out in our snow gear for a fantastic lunch of Korean food not too far away.  We’d be full and happy, perfect for backpack and sneaker shopping.  I’d find the perfect pair of Asics and Abe would find the perfect pair of Adidas sneakers…of course they’d be on sale.  The afternoon would be spent watching our current Netflix: Bruno and Julie and Julia.  There will be a wonderful Mexican style meal waiting for us in the crockpot for dinner (there actually is, [squeal!]) and we’d feed tortilla chips to each other dunked in gaucamole while snuggling on the couch, because we never eat the the kitchen table like we should.  This is probably a really boring day to most people, but I’m being realistic here, if it is a real snow storm then we can’t really go too far and honestly I don’t want to day dream beyond the possible!

Please let the phone ring in the AM.

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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