Counting down to…

We are just a few days away from signing a lease for our new place.  I think that everyone can agree that apartment hunting is the pits, we’ve been really lucky and viewed no more than 2 or 3 apartments per move.  You might call this settling, but we see it as saving our sanity – also apt hunting season always seems to fall right around when Abe does a ton of traveling so our only option is to make a quick decision. I can’t wait to put all our stuff into boxes and hire movers to take them to a new home where everything will have a place that’s not on the floor or stacked weirdly in a corner.  Abe will never complain about the amount of tupperware we own (we have far less than most people!) because there will be enough room for all of it and more…which means I’ll be buying more of course.  I’m already in nesting mode because I’m determined to make this place a really great place for us to live.

We are just two days away from Abe’s birthday.  This generally means that him and his BFF throw a huge party to celebrate their births and we may or may not survive it.  Last year Abe was traveling on his birthday so this year he may make up for it.  I have a feeling its going to be one to remember, only because every drinking experience either one of us has had in the past month has ended really painfully or gross.

We are only ten days away from Valentines Day.  We really don’t celebrate Valentines Day, one time we literally did nothing, another time we made dinner at home and sipped on prosecco, and last year…yes last year was the year that we decided to really do something and you know where we ended up?  Joe’s American Bar & Grill in a Suburb!  Also we grabbed some desserts at Whole Foods and sat on the couch stuffing our faces with fruit tarts and a meringue the size of a sea turtle.  At the time it all seemed like a good idea, but now looking back I don’t see the point in all that.  We certainly were not celebrating our love, we were just out to dinner surrounded by couples eating moderately bad food.  This year I say we can do better somehow, I’m just not sure how.


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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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