5 Closets!

I think that we found our new home tonight.  It’s much more space than we need: 3 bedrooms, 1.5 bath, dining room, living room, office/game room space, 4 season porch, pantry, a cute little counter space area in between the living room and the kitchen for the coffee maker and our juicer to have a home, and a minimum of 5 closets, plus laundry, parking for two cars, quiet neighborhood near a bus stop and the Movie Theater!, and a cute set of french doors in the living room, all freshly painted walls and nice hardwood floors, also he’s going to paint the kitchen a new color for me.  it’s actually 2 floors as well with one bedroom (future workout room) and storage space on the upper floor.  The downsides are that it’s older so the rooms and closet spaces are shaped kind of oddly, we probably won’t be able to fit all our big bedroom furniture in the master bedroom so we’ll have to split it up into another bedroom, we actually need to walk outside to get to our laundry in the basement, but the basement isn’t a serial killer basement…it’s not finished but it’s not scary either, no pets, many many windows will need window coverings, and we could actually get lost.  I hate to say this, but the place kind of gave me the creeps…I’m not sure why, but it just didn’t really feel warm so I’m trying to blame that on their poor decorating and the Jesus room – there are 2 locked rooms the landlord uses for storage up out of the way, we looked inside and one was normal and one was a Jesus room, we’re talking like church items and saints and crosses and lots of stuff that a very religious person might have and it used to be his Uncle’s stuff when he lived there and he just keeps it in there.  He wanted to show us so we wouldn’t think there was something Weird in there, and I was like thinking I’d almost rather not know. 

So this place is not perfect, it’s the Exact opposite of what we have right now, but what we really need is more space for less.  I think we’re going to take it, there’s so much space there that we could find a way to make it our own for a year until we find a house.  We’re going to need a whole lot more things to hang on the walls now that we have 1,000 more walls!


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