Happy Birthday To Me

Yesterday was my 28th birthday.  After lounging around all day and napping, to celebrate we just went out to dinner at our friend’s restaurant Ten Tables near by.  The meal was delicious.  I started with French lentil soup and we split the steak tartare, both were excellent.  The lentil soup was really creamy and the steak tartare had a great flavor.  Our waiter brought out a “gift from the kitchen”, it was pasta with pigs ears.  You heard me right: pigs ears.  The flavoring of the pasta was really nice, but the actual pigs ears themselves were something that I had to skip.  I tried one piece and they were a bit too strange for me to eat so I just ate around them.  My main entree was the Crispy Giannone Chicken with potato gratin (my favorite kind of potato), smoked chicken jus, broccoli rabe, and almond romesco.  The potatoes were perfect!  For dessert, I was so happy to see that there was a meyer lemon tart on the menu.  Behold, the most perfect lemon tart ever made:

This was the most delicious dessert, the merangue was really sweet.  I could have eaten 5 more of these, I want one right now just thinking about it.

For my birthday, Abe had my friend Natasha make me a pearl bracelet to match a necklace that I like to wear a lot and to our delight earrings showed up too!  Honestly, it might be time for me to get a bigger jewelry box.  I used to have only a few pieces but at this point I am completely over flowing with all my Sparkle & Metal additions!  Too much jewelry will never be a bad thing.


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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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One Response to Happy Birthday To Me

  1. Jenious says:

    Happy belated birthday, darlin'! Seems you enjoyed a fine day, pig ears and all. xo

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