Pomelo Fruit

Have you ever had a pomelo before?  It’s a large citrus fruit, a even bigger than a grapefruit.  I saw this mother at the grocery store and I just wanted to try it.  I had no idea how to choose a good one, so I squeezed them all and shook them like I had any idea what I was doing and picked this one.

There is actually a lot less fruit inside than I thought, that fleshy white part took up most of the actual fruit.  It was soft and spongey and very easy to cut away.  I think the key is just to use a very sharp knife. 

I had no idea how to cut this thing open, so I just kind of cut it up like an orange.  After like 20 minutes of slicing and dicing, I took my first bite.  If the camera was able to catch that first reaction, I don’t think anyone would eat this fruit.  I like most fruits and vegetables, I’d say about 95% of the ones that come across my path but this was far too tartly bitter for me and it had a really strange after taste.  I literally couldn’t even eat more than one slice of this and I had to throw the rest away…it was a waste, but that’s how much I really couldn’t even stand it.  However, it was a good experience to try something new on a whim and it can’t always work out for the best!


About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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