Back from a week in the sun

Instead of any major Christmas presents to each other this year, we decided to go on a vacation.  We thought about going on a cruise back and forth because the last cruise we went on was kind of a disaster.  This time we chose a different cruise line and a different direction to set sail.  Our 5-day cruise went to Key West and Grand Cayman.

Key West was a lot cuter than I had imagined.  Everything was really pretty and it all was just so cozy.  We were only there for one day but we both thought that we could go back again and spend a few more days another time.  We spent a couple hours walking around the downtown area before getting back on our boat to sit by the pool for the afternoon.  It was filled with ice cream shops, pie shops, shell shops, and museums.

Key lime pie was Everywhere!  I love pie just as much as the next glutton but it was 10am so we didn’t get any.

We were really good about not going over board with drinking, but we did have 1 cocktail before or after dinner each night.  Since our dinners were with the same 4 strangers each night a cocktail helped the situation a great deal and was too valueable!

My tongue is apparently the longest tongue ever put into a photo before.  This was also the best martini I’ve had in a long time, it was perfectly mixed. 

Our next stop on the cruise was to Grand Cayman and we had really high hopes for this place.  You’ve probably seen all those commercials about visiting there.  Well, the water was crystal clear and aqua!  We landed and went straight to 7 mile beach for some sun bathing and ocean swimming.

We spent most of our time there snorkeling along the reefs.  We signed up for a really inexpensive tour, so I thought maybe it wasn’t going to live up to other snorkeling that we’d done but it was quite good.  We started over a ship wreck with lots of colorful fish who were not afraid of you by any means, although I was a bit afraid of them when they got too close.  Towards the end of that stop we all noticed a barracuda had found a nice spot to relax under our boat…I quickly got out.  Our boat then took us about 200 yards away to Cheeseburger Reef… they called it Cheeseburger Reef because it’s the reef closest to the Burger King and the burger flag, totally serious.  That was nice too, the same kinds of fish but a different environment.  The water was a little cold for me, I was all goosebumps by the time we got out, but it was really fun and I’m glad we went.

They have this rule there that you need to wear this vest to snorkle.  It’s just a fabric vest that you can inflate if you want or if you feel like you might be in trouble.  This was really good for Abe, a real plus.  On the other hand for me, it was a bit annoying. 

This is my sexy face.  So the rest of Grand Cayman was kind of a big letdown, the downtown area was all just duty free shopping and nothing else.  I don’t think that’s a place I want to go back to because there are a lot of beautiful beaches out there, and I prefer a bit more mellow feel on an island.  It was good to experience once though.

So overall the cruise was great.  It was a quick, inexpensive vacation in the sun.  The downsides: the food wasn’t that great although there was great variety but I would sometimes take a bite and be like “this is gross”, the drinks weren’t that great, we gambled in the casino and lost a little, the shows weren’t that great, there wasn’t much to do when we were at sea.  The upsides: the service was excellent, the ship was nice and updated, there was a smoke free casino, our cabin was actually a good size, the gym was nice enough for us to actually work out a couple times, their setup allowed for no lines at the buffet during breakfast and lunch (very unlike our last cruise), everyone was nice, people recognized us all the time (weird) and said Hi.

In the end we decided that we may not be cruise people, but we don’t mind it either.  I think we would go on another one as long as there are more places to stop so there is enough to do and see.  Also eating dinner with 3 out of 4 people who have English as a second language can be challenging, and I’d kind of like to avoid that again!

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