Stop Shaking The Building!

For a little over a week we’ve been trying to lose some weight together, you know like Biggest Loser Couple – style.  We’re doing the P90X everyday, and eating healthy every single day and night.  So far the chest and back is by far the hardest day for me with the plyometrics second, and honest to God, I hate the yoga.  I don’t know why, I don’t hate yoga in a studio but at home with Abe, I really hate every second of it.  There’s something about both of us being so unflexible that makes it so frustrating and the second he starts to laugh or make a noise then I laugh and can’t continue that pose.  I’m keeping with it though, we’re determined to make it through all 90 days.  I’ve always been really healthy, but I was flexible with my diet, I allowed myself to eat things if I really wanted them and I had things like chips in the house sometimes.  Right now, we have 4 skinny cow ice cream cones in the freezer and not another ounce of a snack or a sweet in here.  On the way home there was a little 12 year old kid eating a Happy Meal in front of me and I actually thought mugging him sounded like a great idea.  Like: Hey Kid, GIVE ME YOUR EFFING HAPPY MEAL RIGHT NOW!  And then I would shove the fries into my mouth and ran as fast as I could into the darkness with my bright red fluffy coat waving in the wind.  I would be almost unidentifieable I’m sure!  It’s really coming to that though, I’ve been working towards a weight loss goal for 9 days now and it’s hard.  I might be losing my mind just a little bit…  

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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