Moving is pain

During our Christmas vacation, I experienced more pain and discomfort than I would have liked.  It started off with a stomach virus, and when that got better I instantly came down with a cold.  I’ve been coughing so much that sleep has been impossible.  Both of those little illnesses combined do not compare to the pain that Abe and I both feel from the P90X!  I got him this for Christmas, you may know it from infomercials or those really ripped people in your office.  There’s a schedule of 90 days of workouts and 12 different dvds that alternate and vary in intensity.  Yesterday we did the shoulder and back workout (60 minutes) and the ab ripper (15 minutes).  This morning I was sore – it hurt to get my coffee creamer from the top shelf in the refrigerator… This afternoon, it hurt to try a dress on at the mall…and I’ve had to assist Abe with putting his coat on.  Now many many hours later I feel as though moving is a deep punishment.  If you want results fast and at home, then this is probably for you – if you really like pain.

On the other end of the workout spectrum, Abe got me the WiiFit for Christmas and I’ve been doing it almost every day.  I think it’s really fun, and it really doesn’t feel like working out at all…mainly because it’s not really working out much.  Yesterday I played for like 20 minutes and at the end my calorie burning piggy bank told me that I had burned like 15 calories!  Hilarious.  The best feature about it is just the characters though, they’re so cute and you get to workout as your own Mii.  This is what Abe’s Mii looks like as a penguin:

Super Cuteness!  I can’t believe tomorrow is Monday and we have to go to work.  Where did our vacation go?  I also can’t believe that we need to do another P90X workout…     

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Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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