NYE Panda Style

We had a lot of fun this NYE even with me coming down with a nasty cold and Abe eating himself into a slight sub-coma.  The dress was casual, the booze was super flowing, and the food consisted of 2 three foot subs from Bob’s in Medford.  Sure we could have done something a little bit more classy, but sometimes convenience wins out.  The subs were awesome, we’re talking like not just really easy, they were also really delicious.  

One sub was turkey, Italian and roast beef.  The second sub was meatball and steak and cheese.  They were fantastic and worked really well to feed our crowd of 15 people, there is in fact hardly any left today to speak of.  We threw together a party at the last minute and it was shocking to see how many people showed up.  We figured that everyone would have plans, but it turns out that almost all of our friends showed up.   

There is probaby something wrong with this picture.  I’m not sure what it is though…

The party hats and glasses were Abe’s idea of course!  Everyone had a really good time, and my super sober self drove us home a little after midnight.  We did see at least 8 Cambridge police arresting people/in traffic stops on the way home, I’m happy to say that we were never at any risk because I drive like a grandma!  The party was also conveniently located 4 miles away, those are my favorite parties.  

Today we slept in late and I have a full-blown cold, and Abe is couch surfing.  We found plenty of lazy tv to keep us occupied while we just rest and take the day as it comes.  We’re researching treadmills and watching Ghostbusters, just a regular lazy day for us!

We wish you all a Happy New Year!

About Laura

Working mom trying to balance life and baby.
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