Our visit to H Mart

Today we went to the new H Mart in Burlington, MA.  It’s a mostly Korean – Asian grocery story with a food court.  It’s been open for a little while but we hear it get fantastically busy on the weekends so we opted to wait till we were available on a weekday.  It actually was pretty busy on a Tuesday as well, although it is school vacation week too.

We ate lunch first of course, we just couldn’t pass up the chance for more fresh Korean.  I got the mo pa tofu, which is tofu cubes sauteed in a spicey pepper and garlic type sauce with some scallions mixed in with a side of white rice.  It was really filling and delicious, although a little too garlicy for my liking.

Abe got this delightful looking meal.  It’s ja jang myun, which is actually a Chinese dish but for some reason you can only find it in Korean restaurants.  The sauce is made of soybean paste, meat, and some vegetables and then poured over some noodles.  We also ate this down in VA, and it was a million times better looking down there and apparently tasting too.  Abe was not very impressed at all, so I wouldn’t order this if you happen to go to the foodcourt at H Mart.

We bought lots of great things like Korean pears, a giant container of sesame oil, a sesame seed grinder, tofu, instant miso soup, marinated bulgolgi to put in the freezer, and all sorts of other things that I have no idea how to spell or explain.  It was a really successful trip.  Within the store they even have a whole section dedicated to Hello Kitty!  I was really happy with their prices too, they were really low and made it worth the trip out there.

If you like Korean foods then this is the place for you!  If you have any sort of yellow fever, this is also the place for you.

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