Now you are a man

The day we arrived in VA, Abe immediately made a new friend.  I had to go upstairs and lay down for a couple hours because my stomach was bothering me so Abe hung out with this little guy.  After my nap it turned out that he only wanted to be held by Abe and nobody else.  This baby is wonderful though, never really cries or fusses, he just wants to smile.

On Christmas Day, Abe’s family decided that Abe is now married so he’s a man and they taught him how to carve a ham.  I don’t think it was too mortifying for him since the women mostly ignored it and started eating all the side dishes, I think everyone was really hungry plus the kids needed to be fed which is a whole other monster of a task.  He did quite well though, and the ham was super good and I hardly ever enjoy it.  We had traditional sides: mashed potatoes, green beans tossed in bacon and onions, corn, and then kim chi and rice.  They have kim chi with pretty much everything!

We also ate a lot of new-to-me Korean food.  Behold: I have no idea what this is called in Korean, but in English let’s call it “Korean white oxtail soup“.  It’s bones that are boiled down and there are onions, noodles, scallions, and beef in the broth.  Once you get the soup, you manually add some salt and pepper flavorings and fresh scallions to your liking.  Also people dump some rice and kim chi in there a little bit.  So the whole idea of slurping on bone soup is kind of unsavory, but this soup was super awesome.  The restaurant we went to was packed and it was open 24 hours a day where the really only specialize in this particular soup.  I can’t wait to get it again, it’s so light and salty, just don’t be scared to try it.  It reminds me of pho where you really just season it till you like it.

I’m so hungry just thinking about this soup, I’m starving…

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