Two little gems

The best part about family gatherings to me is the bizarre stuff that comes out.  For example, that sometimes Abe’s mom likes to buy a block of cheese from Costco that is the size of a brick.  Other than that we learned a few hilarious things from the past, let me enlighten you –

Many many years ago, my father-in-law was on a work assignment in Pakistan.  He arrives at his hotel, and gets his room for the evening.  He briefly speaks to the man at the front desk and he asks for a wake up call for 6:30am so that he can make it to his meeting on time.  While he’s walking into his room, he notices a little boy following him into the room.  The little boy just silently followed, so my father-in-law says: I don’t need you it’s ok, you should just go home.  The little boy is a little upset, he doesn’t really understand but finally he leaves.  In the morning, abe’s dad wakes up at 7:00 so he’s now running late.  This of course makes him so angry, because he specifically asked in person for a wake up call just the night before.  The man at the desk was like: what about that little boy?  He was like: what boy?  Apparently the little boy WAS the alarm clock.  He was going to sit in the corner while abe’s dad slept at night and would wake him up at 6:30am sharp…and we’re all pretty sure he figured out the time based on the sunrise… 

Another dad story.  My father-in-law had a super important meeting in Palm Springs, so he flew of course and traveled in casual clothing.  Somehow how luggage went missing to Charlottesville airport, which is not in CA.  Of course, this made him angry yet again, but he thought his way out of this one.  He really needed a suit for his meeting but there wasn’t any time to shop to buy something that right in time.  He waits and waits and calls the airline and they laugh and say: Oh, your brother’s luggage just went missing last week to the same location….woops.  This is before like scanning luggage tags and stuff, I think they just looked at his last name and thought it was an airport code.  This man thinks Really outside the box, so he shows up in a full on tuxedo to the meeting.  I don’t think he even explained why until after the meeting was over.  He just kind of let everyone wonder why he was so dressed up.   
And this is what I spent my Christmas hoping for more of.  The stories I love, the screaming and meltdowns and the crazy amount of eating I could pass on.

More on Christmas in VA to come…

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