New – Coppa

Natasha and I ventured out to try the new Coppa in the South End of Boston – by Ken Oringer and Jamie Bissonnette.  It’s in a really nice area, but off the beaten road which was nice instead of in the cluster with all the other south end restaurants.  We were able to find parking even after a snow storm left piles a snow everywhere.  Coppa has a great cocktail selection and we both started with the Romeo Verona: orange vodka, soave, clear creek cranberry, and angostura. – That is what the menu online said, however, I’m positive the recipe varied on the menu at the location instead there was lime and prosecco included and no angostura (bitters).  The cocktail was very nice, at first I was completely blown away with its sweetness but after a couple of sips I really came around to it.  It was very strong though, I could never have more than one.

We started with a traditional style arachini (forgot to photograph it though!) and it was delicious.  This restaurant is best for parties of 2 because you get 2 of most items on the small plate menus.  Next, we had the Meatballs Alforno, which are exceptional meatballs!  So tender, and the sauce is not too much, it’s very light. 

Next up we got some duck.  I can’t remember what it was, and I don’t see it on the online menu but if you see the duck you need to order it.  I might be partial because duck has swiftly become my favorite animal to eat, and Natasha just adores it herself.  The outside was nice and crispy, but the meat really just fell off the bone and was super soft.  The skin was just a real treat.

Our last course was a pizza course.  I got the Parma pizza: tomato, mozzerella, arugula, and prosciutto di parma.  I’m not sure I’ve ever had such a great pizza combination before.  It was perfect, I wouldn’t have changed anything about it.

Natasha got the Pepe Bianco pizza: white clam pizza with bacon and vidalia onion.  I’m not really huge into clams unless there is a lot of garlic involved, but this pizza was much better for having them.  I don’t really enjoy too much bacon, but I really enjoyed this pizza and I would order it again.

The star of tonight was the duck to me.  I really thought it was fantastic.  In second place was the Parma pizza.  This place is pretty amazing, but word is going to get out fast.  Get there early, prepare to wait, but order everything!

Coppa    A

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