Funny like "ha ha"

I’ve lived in Boston for 10 years now and I’ve never seen a gigantic tree in Fanuiel Hall like this.  It’s so big that we couldn’t even fit it in the photo!  Maybe I just never walked through Fanuiel during the winter time because when temperatures are cold then I hole up in our apartment, but right now it’s very unseasonally warm.  I’m still wearing a fall coat and no earmuffs yet it’s kind of unsettling.  However, this weather allows me to go out and socialize much more than I normally do.  Tonight we attended the Improv Asylum’s No Rest For The Wicked which is 24 hours of improv comedy to benefit Globe Santa.  Our friend Mike came from LA to be a part of the event so we wanted to go see him perform and check it out.  The comedy was good, the interview with Bill Brett a local photographer was fantastic, but it was the auction that was pretty awesome.  They had a bunch of really great things to bid on and a real auctioneer came in to run it.  Abe really wanted to win the chance to throw out a first pitch at fenway park for a Red Sox game.  The bidding started at $1,000 and Abe jumped in at $3,000 but the winner won at $3,500 which is pretty much totally over the amount I was prepared to drop.  That’s a lot of money, although it is a once in a lifetime opportunity and all for a good cause too… we have needs too, like finding a new home.  Anyways the comedy show at the Improv in the North End goes a full 24 hours until 7pm on Saturday.  I’m thinking that the comedy will get much funnier as the night goes on!  Check it out if you don’t already have plans. 

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